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“Dr. Leah Lagos is an extraordinary being. I’ve never known a greater empath. She feels the ripples of the human psyche with a subtlety and sensitivity that is unique in my world experience. I’ve also had the good fortune of experiencing and observing up close her Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback training with over 30 elite mental performers. The vast majority have described the experience as some version of life changing, and I’ve been blown away by the immense performance benefits. Without a doubt, Leah is a multi-dimensional star in the realm of peak performance training.”


Author of The Art of Learning, 8x US National Chess Champion, 2x Tai Chi Push Hands World Champion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, and real life inspiration behind the film Searching for Bobby Fisher

“I learned to let go and can now shift my stress level, at will, using the tools that Dr. Lagos taught me. The work I’ve done with Dr. Lagos has changed my life, not only on stage but also off the stage. I find myself expanding and pushing myself into new territories.”


Principal Dancer, Martha Graham Company


“I was so impressed with the positive effects our basketball team had from working with Dr. Lagos in biofeedback. They proved to be less anxious, more focused, and performed at a higher level for a longer period of time. There was clearly less of a fatigue factor. It was so important that our athletes learned these breathing techniques to control their emotions.”


Head Coach, Women’s Basketball Team at St. Francis College

“Dr. Lagos was there for me and my team at the University of Miami from day one. She took the time to understand my needs as a coach as well as the challenges that faced our players. She is not only a good listener, but a problem solver who helped to create solutions.”


Head Coach of the US-Japan All Star Team, Head Coach Women’s Golf, University of Miami for 25 years


“I have been in show biz for more than five decades, and I think my experiences have given me at least some skill in spotting talent. In Dr. Lagos, I see a whole lot of talent.”


Grammy Award Winner & Former Member of The Band, “America”

“Dr. Lagos helped my high school son become more confident, attentive, and social through biofeedback. It also helped him improve his varsity golf score by 15 strokes!”


Mother of Adolescent Golfer, Bernardsville, NJ