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What Sport And Performance Psychology Services Does Dr. Lagos Offer?

As an expert in sport psychology, Dr. Lagos works with young as well as adult competitive performers to improve mood, reduce anxiety, decrease muscle tension, and enhance focus. Through individual meetings as well as biofeedback therapy, Dr. Lagos has helped her clients to achieve optimal performance in health, business, the arts, and elite sports.

A critical component to Dr. Lagos’ success is that she approaches each client from a physiological and psychological perspective. While stress and anxiety manifest physically, she also recognizes that negative thinking and past traumas or stressors can keep her patients physiological stuck in fight or flight and/or comprise their performance health.

Dr. Lagos’ compassionate style and three-tiered approach to sport and performance enhancement includes a mental as well as physiological assessment, personalized training, and weekly meetings to achieve optimal performance in health and life.

Sport And Performance
Psychology Services For:

  • Attention and Focus
  • Concussion
  • Decision-Making and Leadership
  • Imagery and Visualization
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Mindfulness
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Pre-Competition Routines
  • Reaction-Time
  • Resilience
  • Self-Regulation
  • Stress Management

How Does Dr. Lagos Work With Individuals And
Teams To Improve Performance?

New York sport and performance psychologist, Dr. Leah Lagos helps to improve the health and performance of individuals as well as athletic and financial teams. Organizations are invited to participate in the design and implementation of an individualized performance enhancement program. Training occurs in four stages:

  • As assessment of psychological and physiological strengths as well as limitations is conducted with each member of the team
  • Based on assessment results, specific mental as well as physiological goals are identified
  • Upon identification of goals, methods and procedures are outlined to specify the type and duration of training
  • An individualized mental and physiological plan is implemented. Dr. Lagos and the organization’s supervising staff meet on a regular basis to systematically evaluate progress.

What Does Sport Psychology With Dr. Lagos Involve?

Dr. Lagos Has Worked With:

  • NFL
  • PGA Tour
  • US Olympics
  • USA Volleyball
  • NBA
  • St. Francis College Athletics
  • Rutgers University Athletics
  • University of San Diego Athletics
  • University of Miami Athletics
  • US Olympic Committee

Dr. Lagos has helped elite performers from all over the world to navigate challenges in work, sport, relationships and life.


She offers a confidential sounding board to review, reflect, and manifest change. Her physiological as well as psychological approach to performance and health enhancement allows her clients to simultaneously focus on developing the mind and the body for expedited results.


Her goal is to help you compete at the top of your field of performance with vigor, drive, focus and emotional control.


Dr. Lagos accomodates remote sessions for frequent travelers, athletes on the road, and peak performers living afar through HIPPA compliant video conferencing. The initial client session, however, must occur at Dr. Lagos’ office in Manhattan.