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Helping residents of Long Island achieve optimal performance levels in the walks of life that matter most to them is the goal of Dr. Leah Lagos. Dr. Lagos is a licensed psychologist and is board certified in biofeedback; which she melds with more traditional counseling techniques to help everyday patients change their thought processes for the better. If you need help with stress management, are seeking anxiety treatment or are looking to improve your outlook, employ her psychology services today.

Finding motivation and achieving optimal performance in any area of your life is an idea that is well within your reach at the offices of Dr. Leah Lagos. Dr. Lagos can help those seeking solutions for:

  • Anxiety treatment or treatment for panic attacks
  • Depression, mood swings or the darks
  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD) or hyperactivity
  • Obsessions, compulsions or phobias
  • Managing emotions
  • Reducing migraines, tics or other somatic symptoms of stress
  • Performing under pressure

Dr. Lagos also has extensive experience in the field of sport psychology, and has treated a number of competitive athletes in a variety of sports.

If you’ve never sought counseling or met with a therapist, Dr. Leah Lagos would like to show you how to change your perspective and move toward your goals. It’s all about achieving optimal performance, and through the use of biofeedback and other techniques you can do just that.

Dr. Lagos treats a broad range of conditions using techniques chosen from a variety of psychology services. If you’ve had trouble finding a Long Island biofeedback expert Dr. Lagos invites you to visit her in Manhattan. Working closely with you she can help you achieve optimal performance levels in your life.