Dr. Leah Lagos Makes Her Mark In The Field Of Sport Psychology

Dr. Leah Lagos Makes Her Mark In The Field Of Sport Psychology

Dr. Leah Lagos Makes Her Mark In The Field Of Sport PsychologyThe physical and emotional demands placed on high-profile and up-and-coming athletes can at times feel overwhelming. A growing number of athletes are seeking psychology services from sport psychologists to help them meet their personal challenges, including several high profile leagues, organizations and individuals. One such Sport Psychologist is Dr. Leah Lagos, who has provided counseling and biofeedback training for many in the sports world dealing with any number of professional and personal challenges.

Sport psychology makes sense given the high stakes in professional and collegiate sports these days, and its advocates point to the instruction and training in psychological skills as an effective way to improve performance. As time passes it seems as though more and more people in the sports world are opening their eyes and minds to the potential benefits of sport psychology.

Dr. Leah Lagos has made sport psychology a centerpiece of her practice, with clients that have included:

  1. NFL Players
  2. PGA Tour Players
  3. U.S. Olympians
  4. U.S.A. Volleyball Players
  5. NBA Players
  6. St. Francis College Athletics
  7. Rutgers University Athletics
  8. University of San Diego Athletics
  9. University of Miami Athletics

High profile athletes are in the eye of the storm and may endure many personal challenges in their professional and personal lives. These may include injury and rehabilitation, anxiety, mood, disordered eating, substance abuse, career transition and more. Dr. Lagos chooses from a number of different approaches including biofeedback, one to one counseling and athlete and parent meetings, depending on the needs of the client.

Athletes aren’t the only ones that can benefit form sport psychology. Many coaches also seek to access the benefits of psychology in order to address their issues and facilitate the process of team building. As more and more professional athletes, teams, leagues and collegiate athletic programs become attuned to the benefits of sport psychology the field continues to grow. Dr. Leah Lagos’ experience in helping those at the highest level of sport to maximize their performance has helped her to establish a respected reputation in this growing field.

Are you seeking ways to optimize your individual athletic performance or the performance of your team? If so you owe it to yourself to look into the field of sport psychology. Schedule your initial consultation with Sport Psychologist Dr. Leah Lagos today.