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Sport Psychology, Sport Psychologist, Biofeedback, Stress Management, Anxiety Treatment Therapy

Noted New York Sport Psychologist, Dr. Leah Lagos helps amateur and professional athletes perform optimally in health, relationships, sports, and life.

1. What kinds of sport psychology services does Dr. Lagos offer?

As an expert in sport psychology, Dr. Lagos works with young as well as adult competitive athletes to improve mood, reduce anxiety, decrease muscle tension, and enhance focus. Through individual meetings as well as biofeedback therapy, Dr. Lagos has helped her clients to achieve optimal performance and to reach their athletic goals. Her psychotherapy, biofeedback, and sport psychology services can help you to perform optimally in health and in life.

2. How does Dr. Lagos work with coaches and teams to improve health and performance?

New York-based sport psychologist, Dr. Leah Lagos helps to improve health and sports performance of teams. Coaches who seek to increase their team’s effectiveness are invited to participate in the design and implementation of an individualized performance enhancement program. Involvement of the team can occur in four stages:

  • An assessment of mental and emotional strengths as well as limitations is conducted with each athlete
  • Based on assessment results, goals are identified for each athlete in one or more emotional skill areas
  • Upon specification of goals for each athlete, methods and procedures are determined to help the athlete achieve the goals.
  • An individualized mental plan is then implemented, with the athlete and coaching staff meeting on a regular basis to monitor progress.

3. What does sport psychology involve?

Dr. Lagos uses biofeedback therapy and scientifically based performance strategies to help athletes overcome challenges and perform at their peak. Athletes nationwide in need of anxiety treatment or attention training have sought out Dr. Lagos for her unique expertise in heart rate variability biofeedback. Learn more about which treatments may work best for you.

Dr. Leah Lagos specializes in sport psychology and treats a broad range of anxiety related conditions and performance challenges. Sport psychology can help you optimize your performance on the field of play. Dr. Lagos is board certified in biofeedback, and works with a broad range of athletes ranging from Olympians to weekend warriors.